Get Creative

Make Cheap Flowers Look Great

These hacks will make any arrangement shine!
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or you’re simply feeling springy, a beautiful bouquet is certainly a panacea–you can’t go wrong…
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Texas Independence Day! Best of Texan Decor

Celebrating the place where everything’s bigger with home decor.
Happy Texas Independence day! 179 years ago today, Mexican Texas broke from Texas to become the Republic of Texas. We’re celebrating…
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Brilliant Uses for Coffee Filters

They’re not just for coffee!
Despite their name, coffee filters can be used for much more than making a cup of coffee–in fact, they’re pretty useful throughout the house. You…
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Simple DIY Washi Tape Crafts

Make tools in the home look fab with tape!
Are you obsessed with washi tape, the fun, patterned masking tape from Japan? Because it comes in a variety of colors…
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What to Do with Your Living Tree After Christmas

It’s served its duty, but it’s not done yet!
You’ve selected the most beautiful tree from the farm, bedazzled it with tinsel and ornaments, and it’s served its Christmas duty…
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10 Tips to Save Money Around the House

Try these tips to save money on everyday expenses for your home.
1. Reuse and re-purpose. You’ll see lots of crafty people making new items out of old. That may…
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DIY: Weaving A Bath Mat

Not sure what to do with all those leftover fabric scraps? Why not cut them into strips and make a cute DIY woven bathmat!
If you can find extra scrap…
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7 DIY Baby Onesies

Your sister, friend, coworker has a big announcement – they’re expecting! Here are seven creative ways to personalize a baby onesie just in time for the shower.
Making a baby…
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Clever Ways to Re-use Wrapping Paper

Don’t toss it out–make something new!
When the holidays are over and done with, you might find yourself with rolls upon rolls of unused wrapping paper left behind. It’s thrifty…
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Make Your Own De-Icer

Say goodbye to frost–without breaking the bank.
It’s that dreaded time of year: you’re rushing to get ready to work only to find that your car is covered in ice….
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