Pool Options

When it comes to swimming pools, there’s an option for every budget and backyard. Get started with these ideas for a new pool or upgrade your outdated one.
Nothing beats…
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Home Inspiration Board

Create a home inspiration board and take on the interior one project at a time.
A home inspiration board is a sort of wish list for things you want to…
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Turn an Empty Space Into Your Dream Room

Re-purpose a vacant room in your home into the room you’ve always wanted.
When kids move away or other life changes occur, you may find yourself with empty space in…
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Choosing Carpet for the Home and Carpet Care

Choosing Carpet for the Home and carpet care takes some worth-while research to ensure you get exactly what you want.
Choosing carpet for the home can be a daunting experience…
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Organization for Your Remodeling Projects

How to Organize for Your Remodeling Projects
It is one thing to dream about remodeling your home and another to make it happen.
Organize your way to your dream home by…
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How to Epoxy Your Garage Floor – Cindy Did and You Can Too!

Follow these steps to creating a showroom-like garage floor.
Cindy’s happy with her new garage floor, a bonus with her garage door makeover. Epoxy looks great and is easy to…
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Behind The Scenes

The making of Cindy’s new Garage
Here it is! The entire process from start to finish of Cindy’s Garage makeover.

New insulated and painted walls, new lighting, new epoxy floor, state…
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How to Choose a Garage Door

Our garage door in our 1950’s home has had it’s time
What probably looked really good for this all wood classic back in the day, is showing wear and tear….
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Gazing Out Through the Window Film

When a door closes and a window opens is sometimes only part of the story – what if the view from that window is less than perfect?
Or, what if…
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Turn Unused Space into Something You Love

Transform your Attic, Basement, Garage, or unused Spare Room
Cindy and Eric talk about helpful ideas to eke out extra square footage without having to drastically change the footprint of…
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