Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro

From start to finish, everything you need to know.
Remodeling a kitchen is certainly expensive, though it’s no secret that a change in color can instantly rejuvenate a room and…
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What to Look for When Hiring an Interior Designer

Get some tips on making the most of this professional relationship that requires a personal touch.
Hiring an interior designer is a big commitment and like hiring any contractor, you…
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Freshen Up Old Wood Floors with Paint

There’s more than one way to touch up or refinish a hardwood floor. Learn how to paint a hardwood floor and give it new life with these tips.
Many people…
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Window Treatment Trends

Window coverings are about more than privacy. Check out some of the popular styles and trends in window treatments.
We cover our windows mostly for privacy, but also to complement…
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Going Solar – Hire or DIY?

A home solar system might be better installed by a professional than doing it yourself.
Installing a solar panel system is a very complicated and precise job.  You have to…
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Pool Options

When it comes to swimming pools, there’s an option for every budget and backyard. Get started with these ideas for a new pool or upgrade your outdated one.
Nothing beats…
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How to Choose Paint

Some simple tips on how to choose paint for your home.
The color of a room can make all the difference. Color can make a room comfortable or uncomfortable.  It…
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Home Inspiration Board

Create a home inspiration board and take on the interior one project at a time.
A home inspiration board is a sort of wish list for things you want to…
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Turn an Empty Space Into Your Dream Room

Re-purpose a vacant room in your home into the room you’ve always wanted.
When kids move away or other life changes occur, you may find yourself with empty space in…
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What is the Tiny House Movement?

All About Tiny Homes
What’s the micro home movement? To put it simply, it’s a growing trend in people buying smaller homes, typically about 100-400 square feet in size. It…
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