Energy Efficiency

Conserving Water Tips

Cut down on water with simple changes & hacks
The years just seem to keep getting hotter! Each year, some communities are faced with compulsory measures to cut down on…
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10 Tips to Save Money Around the House

Try these tips to save money on everyday expenses for your home.
1. Reuse and re-purpose. You’ll see lots of crafty people making new items out of old. That may…
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Window Treatment Trends

Window coverings are about more than privacy. Check out some of the popular styles and trends in window treatments.
We cover our windows mostly for privacy, but also to complement…
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Going Solar – Hire or DIY?

A home solar system might be better installed by a professional than doing it yourself.
Installing a solar panel system is a very complicated and precise job.  You have to…
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What is the Tiny House Movement?

All About Tiny Homes
What’s the micro home movement? To put it simply, it’s a growing trend in people buying smaller homes, typically about 100-400 square feet in size. It…
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Go Green for Earth Month

May is designated Earth Month, so use the following tips help save the environment and go green for earth month.
Merely changing a few old habits can help you to…
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Where is the Best Place for the Thermostat?

Whether it’s because you freeze in one room and burn up in another, or just to improve efficiency, consider a thermostat relocation or replacement.
Thermostats keep the house comfortable most…
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10 Water Conservation Tips for 2014

As you resolve to be greener in 2014, make your mind up to conserve more water.
You probably know this already with recent wildfires and restrictions, but many parts of…
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Fireplace Tips: Safety and Decor

Tips and Talk from the Home Wizards on all things “Fireplace”
During the colder seasons, whether you experience the frigid temps of a Chicago winter or whether the Southern Californian…
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Easy Ways to Have a Green Kitchen

Simple Ideas for a Green Kitchen

There are lots of ways you can make your Kitchen more environmentally friendly. Cindy and Eric talk about some ideas you can use in…
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