Healthy Homes

Is Your Home Dangerous?

We love our homes. They provide us with warmth, shelter and, best of all, security. That’s why it’s so darn shocking when they turn against us….
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Remembering Northridge Quake 1994

Tragedy Remembered

Ted Mackel, Gary Belzman and Glynnis share their experiences when Southern California experienced that powerful 6.7 earthquake known as “Northridge” early in the morning. The 6.7 Magnitude Northridge…
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Reality of Quake in Movie 2012 – Cal Tech Weighs in

Can Movies Tell us About Real Disasters?

In the Science Fiction Disaster Movie 2012, (directed by Roland Emmerich) a 10 point 5 Earthquake rips apart Los Angeles, as John Cusack…
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Can Your Home Withstand an Earthquake?

Which Homes are Better Than Others, Safer Than Others, When the Next Big Earthquake Hits?

It’s up to the Los Angeles Building and Safety Code Department to analyze Earthquakes,…
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Latest Earthquake Science & Your Safety

Mark Benthien has always been fascinated by Earthquakes, starting out as a teenager
He later studied and got a degree in Earthquake Science and now works with the leading…
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