Home Repairs You Can’t Postpone

Keep your home safe and avoid costly repairs by learning which home repairs you can’t postpone.
When you own a house, there is always something that needs to be fixed….
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Emergency Survival Kits for Earthquakes and Other Disasters

Be Ready With This All Purpose Emergency Kit
I live in Earthquake country, where the reality is not “if” but “when” the next big earthquake will hit. No matter where…
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Fireplace Tips: Safety and Decor

Tips and Talk from the Home Wizards on all things “Fireplace”
During the colder seasons, whether you experience the frigid temps of a Chicago winter or whether the Southern Californian…
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Five Common Self-Installation Mishaps

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Some home installations might be best left to a professional
Fewer things are more exciting to a homeowner than new appliances or a remodeled room. But in their haste…
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Got Mold?

What are the warning signs and how to get rid of it

If not for mold we wouldn’t have penicillin, or great cheeses. However with more than 100,000 different kinds…
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Eric’s Most Dangerous Power Tools

Safe Home Repair

In this podcast, Eric and Cindy discuss the dangers of power tools and why it’s so important to be safe while performing home repair.

Listen in:

Kid Disaster Kits

Kid’s Emergency Bag of Tricks
Included in this article

No Power Hour
Shopping Lists, include the kids.
Now for the real trick.

These days it doesn’t seem to matter where you live, at some…
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Vacations – How to Protect Your Home and Garden While Gone

You are excited about that summer getaway but wait…
There’s more to consider, like the protection of your home sweet home and garden while you are away! You don’t want…
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Attitude Adjustment – Home Improvement Style

What do you want from your home in this Economy and how are you spending money as a result?
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine completed a survey and found some…
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Window Innovations

The difference between fiberglass windows and vinyl windows is huge as Marvin Windows sees it
And this year they are out with new features from a child safety element to…
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