Siding That Lasts

The Solution that Beats Time and Elements

It’s all in the details, and when you consider the exterior of your home, it is critical not just for the look but…
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The Quick Fix for Clearing Clogged Drains

Included in this article: 

Pity the P-Trap
Bathtub Bailout
Taming the Toilet

Modern marketing is more than happy to hound you about any new product or service that will easily and painlessly solve…
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Deck Treatment and Repair

Revamp Your Deck!

If you have a wooden deck that has seen better days, you can inexpensively and within 2 days give it a new look! So what do we…
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WD-40-What You Didn’t Know It Could Do For You!

WD 40 has so many uses, and can fix many problems around your home
The classic saying goes that a guy can solve any home improvement problem with some duct…
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Solutions for Granite Counter Cracked and Tree Root Damage to Patio

You Ask, We Answer!

Cindy and Eric answer your email and facebook questions and calls in videos and on the air – Here we talk about what to do…
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Attitude Adjustment – Home Improvement Style

What do you want from your home in this Economy and how are you spending money as a result?
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine completed a survey and found some…
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Man of The House – The Roles and Rules Have Changed

Men Helping Men

Okay guys this is for you but it’s also for you ladies too. Let’s face it times have changed and it leaves men with more questions about…
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Man or Woman – How to Be More Handy

Eric Talks DIY

The right tools, the best project, the desire to feel the pride of accomplishing it yourself? From repairs to improvements, you can tackle a lot on your…
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