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Opening Up Your World With Sliding Glass Doors

The Larger than Life View

With outdoor living it is always great to have that open feeling to extend your entertaining space from the inside out and the outside in….
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The Look of the Tropics without Taking From the Forest

New Wave of Technology in Outdoor Flooring

The folks at Trex had a new line of colors called The Tiki Torch – sure to put you in the mood for…
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Outdoor Decking Ideas

Low Maintenance, No Sanding or Sealing And It Lasts

As we all long to spend more time outdoors, we want a place to dine and relax outside with a deck…
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Back Up Power Solutions

When Disaster Strikes Are You Ready?

It is a shocker to know that just 3 percent of the 50 million homes in this country are prepared with back up power…
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New Wall Oven That Takes Convection to New Heights

Smart Cooking Using Your Smart Phone

The new wall oven by GE has brought in a new technology to convection European cooking – this is the only wall oven that…
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Move Over Stainless Steel – Meet Slate The New Finish

Finally A Way to Hang Your Kid’s Art on Appliances

In the kitchen we want more than a great cooking and food preparation experience, but in the heart of the…
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Supersize My Dishwasher

The New Hybrid Stainless Steel – Quiet And Super Clean

It’s all about making appliances that work harder, on less energy and make less noise. GE’s Dan Goldstein talks about…
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Laundry Rooms with Sex Appeal

A New Color to Make Washing Clothes – Hot –

Who enjoys doing laundry, right? Well , it can be more enjoyable if you like how your washer and dryer…
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The Fridge That Makes Coffee

Hot Water with the Press of a Button

The folks at GE have some new tricks up their sleeve, including a new refrigerator that offers hot or cold filtered water…
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Eric’s Most Dangerous Power Tools

Safe Home Repair

In this podcast, Eric and Cindy discuss the dangers of power tools and why it’s so important to be safe while performing home repair.

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