Small Spaces

Amazing Home Hidden Passages

You won’t believe these clever, hidden passages!
It’s not just a thing for mysterious manors or old mystery and horror movies! Installing a hidden passage in the home isn’t as…
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DIY Fun and Funky Wall Designs

Decorating your walls with flair and creativity!
Want to decorate your new apartment or spruce up a room that needs a change? You’re in luck! The HomeWizards are back with…
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Winter Remodeling Project: Update Hall Lighting

Here’s a great indoor project this winter: update or improve your hall lighting to make your hallway brighter, safer or simply more attractive.
When we design or purchase a home,…
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Turn an Empty Space Into Your Dream Room

Re-purpose a vacant room in your home into the room you’ve always wanted.
When kids move away or other life changes occur, you may find yourself with empty space in…
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Make Your Living Room Look Larger

Small living room? Simple decorating techniques that fool the eye will make your space look larger.
If you feel a little cramped in your living room, you can use some…
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Small Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Window Boxes and More for Urban Gardening
Living in an urban apartment doesn’t mean forsaking foliage and greenery completely. Even with limited space and no yard, you can still grow…
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Doorbell Décor

Enhancing the Entryway

It’s one of the first things you or anyone who visits your place will see – the doorbell! So why not do a little something to make…
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Small Space Garden Ideas

Don’t let size be the problem

If all you have is a tiny side yard, or maybe a balcony, don’t think you are stuck and can’t enjoy your own taste…
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