Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into a Secret Superhero Lair

Superheroes have been exciting role models for children since the advent of daily comics in America, and with today’s Hollywood trends we seem to be in the midst of…
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Princess Rooms: Five Ideas to Bring Magic to a Girl’s Room

The princess room is practically a right of passage for little girls, and there are some tricks to getting the décor just right!  I was inspired by my co-host…
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How to make your home a welcome place

for overnight guests during the holidays
Have you ever gone to stay overnight at an out-of-town friend’s house where they threw you in the extra bedroom along with all the…
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High Tech Bedding

The Home Wizards talk about Modern Beds and what they have to offer

Beds, beds, beds! So many choices. This video will help you choose the right one.

Get Ready for Guests

No Stress! Prepare for House Guests!

Included in this article:

Plan ahead
Four simple things to remember
Special touches

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your old college roomie, a favorite gad-about aunt or [whimper]…
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Building a Raised Bed With Dad

Dad knows how

Both Eric and I were heavily influenced by our Dads when it comes to home improvement. For Eric it was working together on design and art projects,…
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Home Wizards at The Pasadena Showcase House (Part 2)

A Guest House with Modern Flair

It’s more than a room, but an extended space for friends, relatives an sudden guests to stay and enjoy your home.  Designer Mark Cutler…
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Your Vacation at Home

HGTV Next Design Star Finalist, Trent Hultgren Says We Can Make Our Homes Look and Feel Like That Vacation You So Deserve

Here we get Trent, who has…
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Don’t Ignore Your Most Lived In Space!

We spend more time here than any other place in our lives, yet it is usually the space most ignored – the Bedroom?…
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