Amazing Home Hidden Passages

You won’t believe these clever, hidden passages!
It’s not just a thing for mysterious manors or old mystery and horror movies! Installing a hidden passage in the home isn’t as…
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Setting Up a Gallery Wall

Turn a drab wall into a fab gallery!
Setting up a gallery wall can be a great way to bring memories to the forefront, or to showcase your unique personal…
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What To Do With Your Island

Turn that island into a culinary oasis
There are few things more versatile in the home than a kitchen island. This essential piece can serve as space for preparing and…
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How To Create A Mini Bar

A cute mini bar is a fun, festive way to create a friendly environment to entertain your guests. Here are some great ways to go about making your party…
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DIY Fun and Funky Wall Designs

Decorating your walls with flair and creativity!
Want to decorate your new apartment or spruce up a room that needs a change? You’re in luck! The HomeWizards are back with…
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Home Living Innovations – Discoveries at KBIS IBS 2015

From new and efficient ways to heat up or cool down your home, to cooking up a storm outside like the 5 star steak restaurants and bringing the outdoors…
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What’s Hot for the Kitchen in 2015

A refrigerator that makes your Keurig cup of coffee, a handle free oven and dishwasher, hands free faucets and an oven that opens like a cabinet. Some of the…
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Hot Bathroom Trends 2015

Cindy just got back from the nation’s biggest Kitchen Bath and Home Building Trade Show, known as KBIS/IBS in Las Vegas!  We love to give you a sneak peak…
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Fun with Feng Shui

A simple starting guide for beginners
We’ve all heard of feng shui, but many of us aren’t aware of how it works. Feng shui is an ancient rule system for…
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Winter Remodeling Project: Update a Tired Bathroom

If it’s tougher to work outdoors this winter, bring your energy inside and use it to update a tired bathroom. We’ve got ideas ranging from inexpensive and easy to…
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