10 Upcycled Bottle Projects

Turn your used bottles into cool things!
If it’s easy to amass anything, it’s bottles–glass, plastic, whatever! When taking a big haul to the recycling bin at the end of…
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Finding Furniture on the Street

Furnish your home for free!
As a college student, I was eager to move out of the dorms–but once a friend and I got our new place, neither of us…
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10 Uses for Old Books

Breathe new life into old books
As digital media becomes more and more popular over printed material, many have come to appreciate books for their tangibility, as art objects in…
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10 Ways to Recycle Old Doors

Repurpose old or salvaged doors into new creations.
Maybe you’re replacing the old doors in your home or found out your neighbors wants to throw out the ones they’re about…
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Recycle Old Furniture

Why throw it out when you can reuse it? We have a bunch of fun ideas for turning furniture and furnishings you already have into a new decorative statement…
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Create DIY Bookends for Next to Nothing

If you or someone you know loves to read or collect books…
Bookends are both a practical and attractive way to spice up any collection. Of course, like most things,…
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