DIY Napkin Rings to Wow Your Guests

Easy crafts to keep the dinner table stylish
Napkin holders are an easily forgotten accessory for the dining room, and the way you dress up your napkins can make all…
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Customize a Rental Home

Customize a rental home with ideas your landlord will appreciate.
Customizing a rental home is a sometimes a difficult thing to do when you are the renter. There are so…
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Rearranging Furniture for a New Look

Breathe new life in a room with existing furniture.
With any room, no matter how well designed, it’s easy to grow tired of a particular layout or furniture arrangement. But…
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Repurpose Clothing into Decor

Upcycle your clothes into functional DIY decor!
Trying to clear out the closet? Or perhaps you’re bored of last season’s fashion? It’s silly to throw away perfectly good clothing after…
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Save and Use Mismatched Socks for Unconventional Uses

Save and use mismatched socks for unconventional uses including cleaning, making toys for kids and pets and many other useful things around the house.
Make a rule in your house…
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How to Make Your Own Succulent Terrarium!

Succulent Terrariums are Addicting, Easy and Fun to Keep Inside!
Here’s How:
Find a clear glass vessel /jar you love – online they sell special terrarium balls you can hang, or…
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Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Make your own wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres to save money in your budget for the big day.
There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding. One…
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DIY Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

Save money on your outdoor wedding with these tips.
There’s no better backdrop for your summer or fall wedding than nature. You can save money on the venue and many…
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How to Reupholster Chairs

Use these steps, tips and tools to reupholster a favorite chair and give it a new look and life.
That old chair in your attic has great structure but horrible…
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Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint

Fun chalkboard paint ideas for the home.
Chalkboard paint lets you turn any surface into a chalkboard, which makes it a product rich in inspiration and possibility. Everyone loves to…
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