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Amazing Home Hidden Passages

You won’t believe these clever, hidden passages!
It’s not just a thing for mysterious manors or old mystery and horror movies! Installing a hidden passage in the home isn’t as…
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Setting Up a Gallery Wall

Turn a drab wall into a fab gallery!
Setting up a gallery wall can be a great way to bring memories to the forefront, or to showcase your unique personal…
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Wall Decorations: How to Accent Mirrors

Mirror on the Wall: How to Give Your Mirror a Makeover
Mirrors are supposed to help you look beautiful. Why not return the favor and give your mirror a makeover?…
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Home Office Ergonomics

When you calculate nearly $4 for a gallon of gas, plus $3.50 for a cup of coffee, and then factor in time lost sitting in traffic, telecommuting, also known…
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Show Your Personality in Your Home Office

When designing or remodeling a home office, don’t think you have to sacrifice design for function.
Most home office workers spend their days working out of converted bedrooms, garages or…
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What to Look for When Hiring an Interior Designer

Get some tips on making the most of this professional relationship that requires a personal touch.
Hiring an interior designer is a big commitment and like hiring any contractor, you…
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DIY Wallpaper & Wall Patterns

Your design, your way.
When a solid color of paint just isn’t enough, wallpaper serves as a great way to add a little texture or color to a wall. Unfortunately,…
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Customize a Rental Home

Customize a rental home with ideas your landlord will appreciate.
Customizing a rental home is a sometimes a difficult thing to do when you are the renter. There are so…
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Window Treatment Trends

Window coverings are about more than privacy. Check out some of the popular styles and trends in window treatments.
We cover our windows mostly for privacy, but also to complement…
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Color Palette – Warm & Beachy

This week’s inspiration brings the warmth of the beach indoors!
For home decor inspiration, this week’s color palette features coral, pale blues and greens, ivory and cream for a soft,…
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