Parties & Entertaining

A Spoonful of Love

Leave your Guests with Something That Will Sweeten Their Day Even After the Party is Over
Engagement parties are full of well wishes, encouragement and love; what if you could…
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Texas Hold ’em Birthday Party!

Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lot of fun.

Not everyone knows how to play poker, but chances are at least a…
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Weddings in Your Backyard

How to Keep it Stress Free

So you are hosting a wedding in your backyard? With so much to organize, plan and get ready – Cindy and Eric talk about…
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Oscar Night at Your Place

Watching The Stars with Your Own Lights, Cameras, Action at Home

It’s the glam of Hollywood that gets millions of us to tune in and see not only if our…
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What to Bring For the Host or Hostess This Holiday

Get in the Kitchen

When someone else is doing the cooking for the holidays, you want to help, but not upstage the chef.

And sure, you may be assigned to bring…
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Get Ready for Guests

No Stress! Prepare for House Guests!

Included in this article:

Plan ahead
Four simple things to remember
Special touches

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your old college roomie, a favorite gad-about aunt or [whimper]…
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Summer Party Décor Ideas

Summer Party Decor
Don’t you love outdoor parties when the weather is just right? Now is the time to plan those summer gatherings. And while it’s always the people and…
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Hosting a Wedding in Your Backyard

So you want to have a wedding in your home or backyard?
It is a great idea because not only will it make that big day even more sentimental…
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Hosting a Graduation Party

It’s the season for graduation parties
While everyone would love to host one at home, sometimes the space you have isn’t cut out for it? Maybe your budget isn’t…
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Super Bowl Party Ideas

It’s Game Time!
We are just a couple weeks away from Super Sunday and that means a big party for the big game. While we wait to see which of…
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