Chefs At Home Recipe: Artichokes

Hungry to try? Here’s how we can all be Chefs At Home with this delicious Grilled Artichokes appetizer recipe
Grilled Artichokes

1 cup White wine
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
2 cups Olive oil
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Rib Roast and Three Side Dishes

Mouth watering? You’re in luck! We can be Chefs At Home with these recipes for a Standing Rib Roast Complete With Three Side Dishes.
Eric’s Standing Rib Roast

1 standing rib…
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Chefs at Home Recipe: Decadent Mousse

Want to serve up this restaurant quality dessert to your friends and family? You can! We can be Chefs At Home with this Decadent Chocolate Mousse dessert recipe as…
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Kids’ Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Kids just want to have fun at Thanksgiving too. And if you have to make room by putting them at a separate table, make the kids’ table special.
Some kids…
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What To Do if You Burn the Bird

Save the day before dinnertime!
Because Thanksgiving is synonymous to big, delicious meals with friends and family, we often put a lot of pressure on cooking a dinner without mistakes….
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Best No-Cost Party Games

Make this party a hit–no purchase necessary!
When hosting guests for a big holiday or other special occasion–or even hosting a child’s play date–it can be difficult to keep everyone…
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Guest Bedroom & Bathroom Tricks

Before holiday guests arrive, make your guest bedroom a bath into a welcoming retreat with a dozen tips and tricks.
You can make your overnight guests feel extra special this…
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Chocolate Chip Bars

Want to try these chocolate chip bars at home? You can! We can all be Chefs At Home with this recipe for Chocolate Chip Bars – cooked in GE’s…
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Home Roasted Chicken

Want to eat the delicious meal you saw in the Chef at Home GE Advantium video? Here’s how we can all be Chefs at Home with this recipe for…
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Chefs At Home Recipe: Shrimp Salad

Want to taste a delicious shrimp salad? We Can All Be Chefs At Home with this GE Advantium recipe from Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Home Wizards!
Shrimp Parmesan Over Spinach…
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