How To Light a Christmas Tree

A brilliant display of Christmas cheer.
We’ve already told you how to pick out the best Christmas tree, but what’s the best way to decorate it? Namely, how can you…
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Got the Blues? Pick up a Winter Bloomer

Keep plentiful color in your house all year with these plants that bloom in winter.
As winter sets in and the days shorten, it’s easy to get the blues. If…
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Creative Christmas Light Ideas

Bright ideas for your Christmas lights!
Tis the season of LED Christmas lights! Christmas lights are unique thanks to their incredible versatility; strung along poseable wires, these lights can be…
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Nab the Best Christmas Tree

Decking the tree with all of the trimmings is one of the best family traditions. We’ve got some tips to help you nab the best real tree for your…
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Holiday Stain Solutions

Try these tips for getting stains out of holiday clothes, linens, carpets or furniture.
It’s two days from the holiday party you’ve been planning to host for months and you…
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10 Gifts in Jars & Boxes

Make your own personalized gifts and stocking stuffers for friends, family and co-workers by using found or inexpensive containers such as mason jars, vintage or found boxes and bottles….
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Festive Potpourri Recipes

Make your home smell like Christmas–no baking necessary!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but what about the smell? Don’t think your home is done just because you’ve…
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Get Organized for Christmas

A no-stress checklist to prepare for Santa.
It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also incredibly stressful! Now that Christmas is coming, it’s important to…
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How to Care for Your Poinsettia

The favorite holiday houseplant ranges from white to fiery red. Take good care of yours to make it last longer than your Christmas decorations.
Poinsettias make wonderful hostess gifts and…
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Chefs at Home – Holiday Cooking with Cindy & Eric

We share our holiday cooking tips and recipes! Find out what Eric cooks every year for his family.

One of the challenges of cooking for the holidays is getting all…
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