Spooky Plants and Flowers for Halloween

Flowers and more that will make you scream!
When we think of Halloween, we typically think of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other freaky entities or animals. It’s easy to forget…
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Go All Out With Halloween Decorating Hacks

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these fun and sometimes scary decorating ideas.
Whether you’re having a party for the kids, or hanging out with adults who love to…
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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Embrace the spirit of the season in your home.
Fall is a season of changes: the school year starts anew, the leaves change their colors and your garden gets itself…
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Creepy Cool Front Porch Decor

Spook out the whole neighborhood with these scary decorations!
Halloween is coming fast, but you still might be scrambling for ideas on how to dress up your front porch for…
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13 Cheap & Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Throw it on just before trick-or-treating!
The clock is ticking down to the scariest night of the year! But sometimes life or indecisiveness gets in the way, keeping you from…
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10 Crazy Candy Apple Ideas

Caramel and candy apples always are a hit. Make yours unique, fun and delicious with a few twists on the traditional theme! Start with an apple, usually a Granny…
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13 Halloween Food & Drink Recipes to Die For

Macabre meals and treats the whole family will love!
October is the season of Halloween entertaining; the holiday just isn’t complete without costume parties, trick-or-treating and scary movie marathons. If…
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Fall Decorations That Can Stay Up Through November

Halloween decorating is fun, but why take down all the scary items November 1 and start over for Thanksgiving? Blend in several fall-themed ideas for decorations that last through…
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Happy Halloween

Download your Home Wizards Halloween Party Planner

It’s almost Halloween again! Cindy & Eric have put together this great printable pdf to help you get the party started. Click here…
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Halloween Haunts

Making Your Home Amusement Park Scary
For nearly 14 years, Steven Cometa and friends have devoted serious time, and creative energy to transforming his grandmother’s front yard and home into…
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