The Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies

Stream The Spookiest This Halloween Weekend 
Here is our list of the top ten scary movies, sure to make you wonder if you saw a ghost or heard a strange…
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Halloween Party Ideas – For the Grown ups

Adults like to dress up for Halloween, too. Have some ghoulish but grown-up fun with these great Halloween party ideas.
Costume parties for adults are some of the best fun…
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Creative Movie Inspired Costumes

Go big screen for Halloween in 2014. Get creative with your favorite new movie characters.
Neighbor Teddy

If you’re having the neighbors over, why not dress like your favorite character from…
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Scary Halloween Wreaths

Terrifying But Simple DIY Halloween Wreaths
Here’s how to make scary Halloween wreaths for a spooky and terrifying accent to your home inside or out all season.  Most are much…
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Scary Halloween Lighting

Tips For Scary Halloween Lighting
Time is ticking for Halloween, but it’s not too late to throw together an awesome light show with scary Halloween lighting, for trick-or-treaters. The big night…
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Outdoor Halloween Home Decor

Tis the season for getting a yard decked out to haunt, amuse, or spook the kiddies – and maybe you, too! Here are 10 ways to decorate your yard…
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No Sew Halloween Costumes for People & Pets

It’s time to get creative, grab a few materials and dress up the kids, the dogs and your own wicked self for some Halloween fun with these easy, no-sew…
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13 Terrifyingly Easy Knife-Free Pumpkins

No cutting necessary!
The pumpkin is a staple for Halloween decorating, but a problem we’ve all faced is how to keep it from decomposing before the trick-or-treaters arrive! It’s no…
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Video: No Carve Pumpkins with Lace Stockings

Check out my pumpkins I just decorated using black fishnet stockings! It’s an easy project and the best part is the pumpkins don’t require any carving, so they will…
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How to Throw a Ghoulish Halloween Party

Tips on designing the perfect night of fright for friends or family.
Few holidays are more fun than Halloween, a subversive holiday that encourages dress-up, folklore and a bit of…
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