The Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies

Stream The Spookiest This Halloween Weekend 
Here is our list of the top ten scary movies, sure to make you wonder if you saw a ghost or heard a strange…
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The Ultimate Christmas Checklist – Get Organized Now!

Your Christmas Checklist To Keep You Organized and Stress Free
Now is the time to get your Christmas Checklist of To DO’s so you can countdown to the holiday and…
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DIY Wedding Presents for the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

What do you give ring bearers and flower girls for thank you presents? A gift guide for DIY lovers!
What do you give your littlest helpers on your big day?…
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Summer Smoothies with Fresh Fruit

Sure you go to that famous place for a frozen fruit drink, but why not make up your own from home? We’re talking about smoothies you can blend up…
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Throwing The Ultimate Surprise Party

Yearning to throw your loved one the best surprise party ever?
Here are some tips to make your surprise party a great event that the “Surprise-e” will never see coming!

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Girl Scout Cookie Upgrades

Tis the season for delicious Girl Scout Cookies!
We love supporting our kids, especially when it comes to delicious Girl Scout Cookies. Here are some fun and creative twists on…
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How To Create A Mini Bar

A cute mini bar is a fun, festive way to create a friendly environment to entertain your guests. Here are some great ways to go about making your party…
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Texas Independence Day! Best of Texan Decor

Celebrating the place where everything’s bigger with home decor.
Happy Texas Independence day! 179 years ago today, Mexican Texas broke from Texas to become the Republic of Texas. We’re celebrating…
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What to Do with Your Living Tree After Christmas

It’s served its duty, but it’s not done yet!
You’ve selected the most beautiful tree from the farm, bedazzled it with tinsel and ornaments, and it’s served its Christmas duty…
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7 DIY Baby Onesies

Your sister, friend, coworker has a big announcement – they’re expecting! Here are seven creative ways to personalize a baby onesie just in time for the shower.
Making a baby…
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