How to get rid of a pesky fruit fly – fast! – using two things you may already have in your kitchen!

Fruit flies can be a crazy critter in any kitchen. They love to linger around full garbage cans, wet counter tops, and are the unmistakeable persona non gratis for any home chef. Here’s a quick and simple way to make sure your work space is clean so you can be a top chef in your own home!

To get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen, simply fill a mason jar 3/4 of the way with apple cider vinegar – please don’t substitute for other vinegars. This one needs to have the sweet charm of apple cider! Then add a few drops of your favorite dish soap. Fill the mason jar to the brim with water so the top gets sudsy. Then just leave it on your counter for a few hours. It works like a charm! The fruit flies get drawn in by the smell of the sweet apple cider vinegar, and then get overcome by the soapy foam and are exterminated in minutes. When the soapy bubbles go away, just pour some of the water out and refill until all the fruit flies are gone. Then dance around because you are now, finally, fruit fly free!

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