They’re not just for coffee!

Despite their name, coffee filters can be used for much more than making a cup of coffee–in fact, they’re pretty useful throughout the house. You can use them for cleaning, storage, food and more! If you’ve got more filters than you need for coffee, consider one of these other uses!

1. Wash Screens and Windows

You should always be careful about what you use to wipe a TV or computer screen, as most rags can leave scratches. But coffee filters are safe and handy to use–and you can use them to clean windows as well.

2. Drip Guard for Ice Cream

Thanks to their cupped shape, upside-down coffee filters make great drip guards for ice cream! You can stick an ice cream cone right through the up-turned base of a coffee filter, securing your hand below. You can do the same with popsicles!

3. Make an Air Freshener

You can make a simple air freshener by putting a tablespoon of baking soda in a coffee filter, then tying it shut with some twine or spring. This will absorb odors easily in the fridge or freezer–but throw some essential oil in there and you’ve got a great car freshener as well!

4. Simple Bowl

If you’re entertaining, or out and about and need an easily-portable, improvised snack bowl, use a coffee filter! These also make for great improvised food bowls when you’ve taken the dogs out of the house.

5. Store China Safely

When storing plates away, you’ll want to have something between each one when stacking so they don’t get scratched or nicked. Coffee filters are great for this purpose–they’re thin, but will protect stacked tableware while you shift things about in storage.

6. Shine the Shoes

Just as they’re excellent at washing windows and screens, coffee filters are great for polishing shoes! Just get some polish and wipe away!

7. Infuse Flavor

When making a dish that calls for herbs that you want to remove before serving–like bay leaves–simply throw the herbs in a satchel made from a coffee filter. Just put in the herbs and tie it shut. When the dish it complete, you can remove them easily by taking the satchel out!

8. Reduce Dripping

If there’s a lot of drip when you water your plant, use a coffee filter as a buffer! Place the filter between the pot and the soil, and it will help to catch and absorb water. There will still be a drip, but the amount of rogue water will be reduced.

9. DIY Dryer Sheets

Turn coffee filters into dryer sheets! This project only requires some fabric softener and coffee filters. Find out how you can make some here!

10. No-Splatter Microwaving

Next time you microwave something, cover the dish with a coffee filter to reduce the risk of splattering. It’ll catch any potential splatter, leaving your microwave cleaner.