DIY Scented Wreaths to Freshen Your Home

These wreaths look (and smell) simply stunning.
When it comes to freshening up your home, it’s always best to find alternatives to the very strong, sometimes headache-inducing scent sprays. We’ve…
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The Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies

Stream The Spookiest This Halloween Weekend 
Here is our list of the top ten scary movies, sure to make you wonder if you saw a ghost or heard a strange…
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The Ultimate Christmas Checklist – Get Organized Now!

Your Christmas Checklist To Keep You Organized and Stress Free
Now is the time to get your Christmas Checklist of To DO’s so you can countdown to the holiday and…
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10 Fabulous Fall Container Plants

Brighten up the porch with a seasonal potted garden!
This fall, try something different by setting up a container garden. A collection of attractive potted plants is not only versatile–you…
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Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Theater

Enjoy a night of flicks with friends, family, and refreshments.
There’s hardly a better way to have fun in your own backyard than to plan an outdoor movie night! Summer…
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10 Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

It’s your big day – and you have everything you ever wanted for the wedding of your dreams! There’s just one hitch: you don’t really love traditional cakes or…
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DIY Wedding Presents for the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

What do you give ring bearers and flower girls for thank you presents? A gift guide for DIY lovers!
What do you give your littlest helpers on your big day?…
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10 Healing Plants to Grow in Your Garden

An easy and pretty garden pharmacy!
Want a garden that’s pretty and practical? Try growing some healing plants! Harvesting medicinal herbs from the garden lets you save money on common over-the-counter medication,…
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Save Thousands by Vacuum Sealing Food

Keep your food fresh for up to five times longer!
No, it’s not a miracle–it’s science! Vacuum sealing can generally keep food fresh three to five times longer than simply keeping…
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