Make this party a hit–no purchase necessary!

When hosting guests for a big holiday or other special occasion–or even hosting a child’s play date–it can be difficult to keep everyone entertained. But festive fun doesn’t always require electricity or expensive board games. If you need some low-cost, high-fun activities for your next dinner party, check out these suggestions that are perfect for all ages!

Sticker Party!

Things get sticky in this sneaky party game! Players begin with a collection of ten stickers. Each player must stick each of their stickers on other guests throughout the night–without their noticing! If you get caught, your target gets to put one of their stickers on you, so be careful!

Selfie Hot Potato

All you need for this game is a point-and-click camera with a self-timing feature. Set the timer on the camera, then take turns passing it around. Each player must hold the camera for a brief moment as though they were taking a selfie; the game continues until someone’s portrait is shot! Play for however long you’d like–and upload those photos to show everyone how much fun you had!

Who Am I?

This is a great take on 20 questions, and a hilarious time with the right company. One person wears a sticky-note on their forehead with the name  of a real person or fictional character. They must ask the other players 20 questions about who they are. Once they’ve figured it out, it’s someone else’s turn!


Mafia is the classic party game, also going by the names Assassin, Werewolf or Village. This is a game of deception, secrecy and fraud–and a great load of fun, as each player role plays living in a village attacked by a villainous force. Find out how to play here!

Mascot Memory

Perfect for themed holidays, pick out your holiday’s mascot (a turkey for Thanksgiving, Santa for Christmas, a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s day) and get a picture of it. Show it to the guests briefly, then keep it hidden. Have your guests write whatever details they can remember from the image. Whoever gets the most details correct wins! This game is great for the little ones!

Holiday Bingo

If you have guests over for a particular holiday, make up some bingo cards related to the holiday. What are some cliche topics of discussion (for example: talk of Black Friday on Thanksgiving) that you can include in the spaces? Have fun brainstorming holiday cliches, and put together a card for every guest. This is a passive game that can be played throughout the night–and the first one to get bingo wins!

Exquisite Corpse

A fun one for children and adults alike, and named after a story dreamed up by the Surrealists when they invented the game. Exquisite Corpse can be played to make up a story or a drawing. Fold a piece of paper so that only the top strip can be seen. The first player writes the first line of a story, or draws the top of a character’s head. The next player does the following line, then folds the paper so only their line can be seen, with space below for the following player. Everyone takes turns adding a line–until the story is done! Unfold and check out your group work of art!