Gardening help on your iPhone, Android & desktop browser.

Gardening is a relaxing, rewarding hobby, but the vast list of plants available for growing–each with different needs–can be overwhelming for many. We say those whom are especially skilled in gardening have a “green thumb,” but anyone can grow a beautiful garden with a bit of advice. Thankfully, there are many apps on the market aimed at helping gardeners keep their shrubs as happy as possible, from planning a garden suitable for one’s climate, keeping tabs on common pests as well as schedules for harvesting a backyard crop. Here’s a selection of such apps that can be found across all major platforms, including a desktop web browser for those without smartphones.

Gardening Toolkit

This app gives you advice on a number of gardening tasks and situations, featuring an illustrated encyclopedia of over 1,000 plants, a to-do list and tools for tracking whatever you’re growing in your garden. American users can find their hardiness zone by inputting their ZIP codes. With guides and directions to help make the most of your garden, Gardening Toolkit is a one-stop shop for iOS users.


Leafsnap is a tool for identifying trees using photos of their leaves. If you encounter a tree in the wild that you’d like to identify, all you need to do is simply snap a leaf with your iPhone or iPad’s camera. There are two versions of this app, one for the UK and one being for the United States. While the US one catalogs only trees from the Northeast for now, a catalog for all American species is on its way.

Fruit Garden
(iOS & Android)

Growing your own fruit can be a great way to start a healthy diet, as well as take control of what you put in your body. The Fruit Garden app is a digital guide to growing fruit, with tips for best growing and harvesting a variety of species. Also notable is its harvest calendar, so you know when your produce is ready to pick.

Bugs in the Garden

This app identifies bugs and pests found in gardens with the help of adult and larva illustrations. If you spot a bug that’s unknown to you in the garden, match it with the illustration in the app and find everything you need to know about it, such as how it may damage your plants. Conversely, if you are advised to look out for a pest but are unsure what it looks like, this guide makes it easy to learn the appearance of common garden pests.

Sprout It
(iOS & Desktop Browser)

Sprout It is a comprehensive guide to growing produce and herbs. With advice on every step of the way, from planting a seedling to serving up veggies at the dinner table, you’ll find help for growing a garden as well directions for storing and cooking your harvest. There are even weather alerts, so your backyard farm won’t be caught off-guard from storms or drought.

BONUS: Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor
(iOS, Android & Desktop Browser)

The Koubachi Wi-Fi sensor is an accessory you place with a plant to access all sorts of information, such as if it needs watering or fertilizer. With both an indoor and outdoor model, the Koubachi will push advice and notifications to your phone via its app or email, which means there are no excuses for those whose house plants are always dying.