Fabric softener sheets, also called dryer sheets, do not cost all that much and they have so many alternate uses.

These sweet smelling sheets can do many things besides leaving your clothing static free and smelling fresh. They can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and even out in the storage shed. One of the best things is that you don’t have to throw away used dryer sheets after one use. Instead, keep a container on top of the dryer and put them in there. You will find many alternate uses for scented dryer sheets, both used and new, and will always appreciate that you have some on hand.

Cleaning Uses

Dryer sheets are formulated to reduce static cling. Electrical equipment in the home like TV’s and computer screens are magnets when it comes to dust. Sometimes it is hard to see what is on the screen for all the layers of dust. Use an old dryer sheet to wipe the screen and you will get an added benefit. The dust will not be attracted to the screen for a few days. You can also dust off wood furniture with old dryer sheets. The dust tends to stick to the sheet. Old dryer sheets are also useful to dust off window blinds. It might take a few of them to get all the dust off, but your blinds will be nice and clean afterwards.Don’t stop at the windows. Instead of purchasing expensive pads for dry swifter mops, attach an old dryer sheet to the head and dust the floor. The grime will stick to the sheet just as well as it would to the pad. Also use the dryer sheets to wipe down baseboards.Dryer sheets make chrome sparkle. Just lightly wet a used dryer sheet and wipe off faucets, shower heads and anything chrome in the bathroom or kitchen. Then take them outside to do your hubcaps on your car. Dryer sheets are slightly abrasive and they work wonders at getting soap scum off bathtubs and showers. Wet them and scrub, but be careful on plastic or glass shower enclosures as they can scratch. Use a new or used dryer sheet to remove pet hair from upholstered furniture. Just open it up and wipe in one direction. The pet hair will stick to the sheet and come off the furniture. Dryer sheets get crayon off the wall. Just rub the crayon area and it should erase before your eyes. Be careful at how hard you rub because it can also take off the paint. If you burn something in a pan or baking dish, soak it overnight with warm water and drop in a used dryer sheet. In the morning, remove the sheet and the stuck stuff should come right out.

Air Freshening Abilities

Put a new or used dryer sheet in drawers and closets so they impart their lovely fresh scent. Insert a few in old luggage while storing it so the stale odor that usually builds up is gone when you are ready to use the luggage. Stuff shoes with a used dryer sheet every night before bed and your shoes will not stink anymore, and dryer sheets in a gym bag does wonders for that smell. Slip a used dryer sheet in pillow cases so bedding smells fresh and lovely. Put one in the laundry hamper to keep offensive smells from intruding. Keep the car smelling fresh by putting dryer sheets under the seats and keep the house smelling fresh by taping a sheet to the air conditioning and heating vents so the scent circulates all over the house. Put a folded sheet inside books to keep them from getting a stale smell and use them as a bookmark. Wipe down the dog with a used dryer sheet when they come inside, especially if they are damp and you will not have doggy odor anymore.

Miscellaneous Uses

Keep dryer sheets in camping equipment when storing it. Put one in sleeping bags and in tents and they will not get that mildew smell. Soak paint brushes in warm water and a dryer sheet and even Latex paint will come off easily. Keep a new dryer sheet in the sewing kit. Thread a needle and pike it into the sheet and out the other side before knotting the thread. The thread will not tangle. Also sharpen up the blades of scissors by cleaning the blades with a dryer sheet. Some say dryer sheets repel bugs, so put one in your pocket when going out to repel mosquitoes. Also bring one to the picnic and weight it down on the table to reduce flies. Rodents do not like the scent of dryer sheets, so stuff them in spaces where the little buggers might get into the house. Keep some dryer sheets with you and if your clothing gets static cling, wipe the outside and inside of the clothing with one and it will go away. If your hair gets fly away by static, wipe your head with a dryer sheet and it should stop.


Dryer sheets are usually used in the laundry, but you don’t have to use them just once there. They usually work for two loads before their effect fades. You can also use half a dryer sheet per load. When you are done, wipe down the washer and dryer and clean out the drum with them. There are many alternate uses for scented dryer sheets that will save you time and money and those uses are most effective.