Keeping things clean with steam!

Cleaning can be all too easy to put off when it feels like a hassle–and sometimes a small appliance is all the more difficult to clean. Thankfully, a microwave is probably the easiest appliance in your kitchen to clean! Let steam do all the tough work for you with our fool-proof methods below!

First, a safety PSA: these methods involve putting water in the microwave. Far from just a myth, is is possible (though rare) for water to explode in the microwave. Mitigate this by putting something non-metallic, like a wooden spoon, in a container holding water when microwaving.

Also note that all microwaves are different, so you’ll have to adjust heating times accordingly! After using the microwave methods below, allow the steam in the microwave to stand for a few minutes before opening. Now, let’s get cleaning!

1. Using Lemons

This method is so simple and will have your microwave smelling lemony fresh. Simply take a lemon and cut it in half. Put your halves on a plate so the cut sides are facing down, and add about a table spoon of water. Microwave for a minute. Afterwards, wipe the loosened gunk and debris out of the microwave.

Bonus tip: add some baking soda for a deodorizer!

2. White Vinegar

Here’s another natural solution if you’re without an extra lemon. Take a microwave-safe bowl, glass or measuring cup and fill it about half-way with water. Add in a tablespoon of white vinegar. Microwave your natural cleaning solution for about five minutes. Let it sit, then wipe the microwave’s inside. 

Don’t want to use lemons or vinegar? Use some dish soap instead!

3. Two Birds

Wash a sponge or rag with this clever method. Soak a sponge or dish rag in some dish soap, then microwave it for just a minute. Not only will the steam loosen the microwave gunk, but your sponge or rag will be disinfected as well! This is perfect for when sponges have become too smelly or dirty to continue using.