Ditch the fridge & go for a gallery treatment!

No one paints quite like children, and one of the many joys of parenting is watching your child express themselves visually. And if your child is especially creative, the art can pile up fast! While hanging art on the kitchen refrigerator is a bit cliche these days, you might need some inspiration on how to display children’s art around the house. 

We’ve got some great and simple ideas below that look good and are also fairly versatile. From hanging on a wall or a making free-standing display, we’ve got you covered!

1. Make a wrap-around nursery frieze. Kids can display their art while decorating the wall of their room! Arrange the art horizontally in a line about 3/4 up the wall.

2. Make an art display by stacking up cardboard boxes. Play with a composition that works in the room of your choice, and enjoy switching things around–like a modular display! In addition to the art, children can decorate the box itself, and add or replace boxes for more “gallery” customization.

3. Make an accordion-style book to treasure and display your kids’ art forever! A book of collected artwork is a great keepsake for parents, and an accordion fold ensures it can stand freely for display on a shelf or table. Check out how to make one here.

4. Install a clipboard gallery–it’s easy! Mount a grid of clipboards on your wall. This makes it easy to hang up and replace artwork, while giving ample space for art.

5. Hang a selection of art from a curtain rod! Hang a curtain wire on the wall, then fasten individual pieces of artwork with curtain ring clips.

6. Use pant or skirt hangers. Hang your hangers on the wall with some push pins, than clip your art to the wall for a minimal and unique wall gallery.

7. Set up some magnetic boards. Hanging art on the fridge is classic, but there’s only so much space! How about setting up a magnetic board exclusively for displaying art? Give one to each of your children to display what they see fit. Since they’ll be using magnets, it’s easy to swap out old and new works of art!

8. Install a skinny ledge. A skinny ledge works as a great, unobtrusive shelf that can prop up pieces of art without anything else–no adhesive, frames or pins necessary. As your child grows older, use it for displaying photos!

9. String it up! Hang a mini clothesline on a wall, and pin your child’s art on twine. Like previous display methods, using clothespins is an easy, mess-free way to change up the display every now and then–and a twine line has a great, homey feel.

10. Throw on some decals! Stick some colorful–and temporary!–picture frame decals on the wall or on a door. These durable, stick-on frames will keep your children’s art hanging proudly, without the stress of mounting and hammering.