The more kitchen utensils you have, the better, right? That is, until you have to store them and find them when you’re in the middle of cooking a meal for guests! Get your kitchen gadgets organized.

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    If you’ve got limited drawer space, combine storage and decor. Find attractive crocks, vases or other storage items at flea markets and second-hand stores, or use what you have. The Art of Doing Stuff decorated matching pitchers.
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    If counter space also is limited, place your utensil holders, and maybe a few other necessities on a nice, wooden lazy susan for quick and easy access to whatever you need.
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    Of course, you can also go up. Use your wall with a rack or pegboard, especially for items you need handy right next to your stove. Here Comes the Sun suggests painting the pegboard to match your kitchen.
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    Go diagonal. Longer items, like barbecue tongs, spatulas and wok tools fit better in the middle of your drawer on the diagonal. shows readers this solution from Master Brand Cabinets.
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    Organizing your drawers is necessary, and you can sort however works best for you. Try most-often used in top drawers, or by size. Some of it depends on size and location of drawers, of course.
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    A butcher block in the drawer helps to organize those sharp knives and keep them off the counter. See an example courtesy of the Wandmaker’s Mother.
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    Or keep your knives handy and out of reach of little hands with a magnetic knife bar. Williams-Sonoma sells an affordable one that’s about 14 inches long with two magnetic strips.
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    Of course, if you’re designing a kitchen and can create your own custom cabinets and drawers, have a few installed with built-in or movable dividers.
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    There's lots of help online for building your own custom dividers in existing drawers, using wood or found objects, such as plastic bins or collectibles. Dreaming in Color made one out of paint sticks.
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    And if you purchase dividers, be sure to measure your drawers first. And don’t forget to consider how deep your drawers are, or you’ll be running back to find a better solution that allows you to close your kitchen drawer!