Embrace the spirit of the season in your home.

Fall is a season of changes: the school year starts anew, the leaves change their colors and your garden gets itself ready for a drastic change in appearance. Embrace the spirit of the season by making some autumnal changes to your home’s decor! We’ve got the skinny on different ways you can (pumpkin) spice up your home for the new season–so grab a gourd and some maple leaves!

1. Pile on the pumpkins

Making a pile of different-sized and -colored pumpkins is a great, easy way to fill out a porch or sunroom. Pair them with seasonal mums to add a little variety and color.

2. A fall foliage arrangement

Make a seasonal arrangement with plants and garnishes from the garden. Red maple is a great “anchor” in a fall arrangement; include berries and some dawn redwood, or whatever you have that looks good in this fiery bouquet!

3. A pumpkin vase

We’ve all tried pumpkin carving, but a pumpkin flower vase is a simple project that requires you to only hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with flowers. Take the arrangement you’ve made from our tip above and nest it inside a bountiful heirloom pumpkin for a breathtaking natural centerpiece.

4. Pumpkin candle holders

This is a similar idea to the pumpkin vase. Take some mini pumpkins and drill a hole in them, about half an inch down. Scoop out the insides, then stick in a candlestick. You can add any other fall accents to open space left in the hole, like mini pinecones.

5. Garland of corn

Make a garland out of colorful ears of corn! Twist a small eye screw into the fat end of an ear of corn to make a hook, then string it along twine. Do this for more ears. You can also fold husks into loops and hot glue the bottom tips shut, and add their banner-flag-like shape to your garland, alternating husks and ears.

6.  The hanging gourd vase

Can’t you tell we love natural containers? Take a swan gourd, and use its curvaceous neck as a natural hook to hang from a banister or fence. Cut a hole into the gourd and fill its inside with whatever you’d like, from flowers to potpourri.

7.  Make a harvest

Make an autumnal centerpiece of fall fruits. Gather apples, pears, elderberry bunches and more, arranging or piling them attractively on a tray. Enjoy the colors of the season, and the beautiful scent of fresh fruit!

8. Candle centerpieces

Take a fat candle and place it in the center of a large glass bowl. Depending on your candle’s color, surround it with something autumnal: green apples for a green candle, red apples for a red candle, or even corn kernels for a yellow candle. If your candle is too short, put it on top of an aluminum can that will by hidden behind your fruit or corn.

9. Window sill display

Gather some funky-shaped gourds for a window sill display! Mix them up in some garland and other fall treasures (we love pinecones and acorns for this purpose.) 

10. Press leaves

A classic! While you might be moved to press flowers in spring, press leaves in fall! Find flat, dry leaves in a variety of colors (or ask the kids to!) and collect them in a book. You can place your pressed leaves in frames or shadow boxes for a simple, cute natural accent in any room.