No green thumb? No problem!

Looking for new garden additions that need little work or effort? We’ve got a handful of recommendations! These plants are great for those with low gardening confidence, or find themselves killing a plant more often than not. From succulents to flowers to trees, we’ve got a variety of different plants that will work well and remain hardy in any garden.

  • 1. Nasturtium

    These edible flowers are a simple addition to any garden. They do well in poor soil and grow quickly, making them an easy and low-maintenance plant. Be warned: they're so good at keeping alive that some may become invasive, so keep a good eye on them as they thrive.
  • 2. Canna Tropicana

    The canna tropicana has beautiful blooms and bold, eye-popping leaves. They look great, and are tough to kill--so much so that in some environments they grow like weeds!
  • 3. Gazania

    Gazania are divas, with their bright colors that demand attention. But unlike a diva, they're pretty easy to deal with: simply watch out for cold and frosts, and your gazania will be happy. Be sure to deadhead yours so these great flowers show!
  • 4. Fiddle Leaf Fig

    This tree works great indoors, needing a lot of light for its gigantic leaves! The fiddle leaf fig needs little water to stay healthy, making it great for the noncommittal. A sign of over-watering is if leaves fall off.
  • 5. Aloe

    Like other succulents, aloe can take some abuse. Just water aloe once a month and it will be your friend! Aloe will also bloom in the winter and summer, making it a beautifully simple choice for any garden.
  • 6. Agapanthus

    Agapanthus can be considered a weed because of how easily the plants can grow. But they have beautiful flowers, and can withstand drought and poor soil. Keep an eye on them to ensure they don't become too invasive!
  • 7. Peace Lily

    Perfect for low light and indoors, the peace lily is fairly easy to keep alive inside and out. Just water about once a week!
  • 8. Crepe Myrtle

    This tree will brighten up a garden with its full body of flowers, and is happiest in hotter climates. They're truly an attractive addition!
  • 9. Liriope

    Available in purple, pink and white blooms, liriope is a flowering plant that's pretty easy to grow across climates. It's tolerant of droughts, making it a great summer flower! Snails are attracted to them, so stay vigilant of pests in your garden.
  • 10. Star Jasmine

    Star Jasmine seems happy to grow anywhere--as a bush or in a bed, or even climbing up a trellis. They also work well in both sunny and shady environments. For a no-frills, easy-anywhere flower, look no further than star jasmine.