Homemade garden markers to label your herbs and plants.

When planting an herb or vegetable garden, you’ll want to label everything so you can keep track of what’s there and where it will grow. There are a million possibilities on how to label the contents of your garden, and it can be fun to try and make some markers of your own. These DIY markers make for great crafts that give your garden a unique look.

1. Keyboard Keys

Mix nature with technology by turning some old keyboard keys into planters for the garden! All you need is some keyboard keys, glue, dowel rods and a paint pen. Glue the keys together to spell out the name of an herb, and stick it to the top of a rod so it stands freely. Check out the tutorial here

Are keyboard keys a little too high tech? Try out the same idea with Scrabble tiles! It may be difficult to come up with the right about of keyboard keys for your garden, but extra Scrabble tiles can be bought for cheap online.

2. Corks and Forks

These planters are very simple, and look great! Flatten the prongs of a fork so they lay straight. You can then stick a cork–with the name of the herb painted, stamped or written on–right onto the prongs. Voila! Stick it in the ground or a pot, and you’re done!

3. Smashed Pot

Take your average terra cotta pot and smash it with a hammer–be careful! The large pieces you’ll be left with will serve as your markers. Simply stick them onto some metal stakes with heavy-duty glue, and write the herb’s name on the terra cotta once they’ve dried. You can go the extra mile and paint them if you’d like, or keep the simple terra cotta look.

4. Cute Illustrations

A picture says a thousand words–and while using the illustrations on seed packets can make nice markets, you might be itching to take a more creative approach.

Draw out some vegetable silhouettes on a piece of wood and cut them out with a scroll saw. Paint or draw the vegetables you’re growing on your pieces, and glue them to some popsicle sticks for fun illustrated markers!

5. Colored Rocks

Paint over your rock collection to make them look like the vegetables in your garden. They don’t have to be perfect–if your fruit or vegetable isn’t the exact shape of the rock, you can simply paint a picture. Be sure to label it with some paint when you’re done!

6. Wooden Gnomes

Turn twigs into a family of simple, rustic gnome garden markers.  You’ll just need to do a little painting or carving! Check out directions here.

7. Vinyl Chalkboard

You can turn the little planks of small bamboo fences–the things you would typically use for flower beds–into tiny garden markers. They are the perfect size and shape. Slap some blackboard vinyl onto each one, and label your plants with chalk.

This is an extremely simple project, and because you’re writing in chalk, you can re-use these as the contents of your garden change.

8. Tiny Terra Cotta

Here’s another cute and very simple idea: put a mini clay pot upside down, and label it with the plant you intend to mark. Take a wooden dowel (or even a stick from the garden), stick it into the ground, and put your upside-down pot on top!

9. Modge Podge Spoons

Upcycle old spoons with this vintage-looking DIY garden marker project: draw your herbs, cut the illustrations out and modge podge them to spoons! Find the instructions here.

10. Chalkboard Paint a Pot

Add a coat of paint to a flower pot under the lip for a simple way to mark your indoor herbs. You can decorate it in chalk however you like, writing or drawing to your heart’s desire–and the good news is, it’s erasable!


This post is adapted from the May 10, 2014 episode of Home Wizards that was released on iTunes May 14, 2014. You can find this segment in hour one of the episode.