Don’t throw an orphan sock away!

It’s a cliche, but one that rings true: taking out the laundry only to find a missing sock! Orphan socks without a partner can be just as useful in the home as other socks, and even ones past their prime and riddled with holes can have a role to play. Here’s a roundup of awesome and clever uses for your old socks, so you’ll never want to throw one away again.

Clean anything

Put some vinegar on a sock and pull it over your hand. Now go to town and clean those blinds! Because you’ll wear your sock like a glove, you can really get into tough-to-clean spots.

Start polishing

Use an old sock for polishing silver or waxing furniture. Just like with blinds, you can wear the sock on your hand like a mitten for easy polishing.

Make a satchel

An old sock makes a perfect satchel! First, make sure your sock is clean. Fill it with a dried aromatic plant (like lavender) to give it a nice scent. You can keep your sock satchel in a drawer or closet to freshen up linens and clothes.

Save on Swiffering

Run out of Swiffer pads? Just use a sock! 

Stop drafts

Don’t let a chill come through the door when you’ve got a spare tube sock or two. Just fill the socks with rice, joining them together into one long tube. They’ll trap heat inside.

Cover bottles

Ever use a bottle of cooking oil only to leave a greasy, dripping mess behind? Next time, cover the bottle’s top with an old sock to use as a drip guard. You can wash the sock when the bottle is finished to use on the next.

Make a craft

If you have kids, save orphan socks to make sock puppets out of! Children will love the creative act of making a new woolen friend.

Make a fingerless glove

Transform socks for your feet into socks for your hands! Just cut off the heel to make a hole for your thumb. Then cut off the toes for a hole to stick fingers through. You can hem and sew the holes to make them more snug.

Relax the muscles

Fill a sock with rice and sew the opening at the top. Microwave with a cup of water for about a minute, then apply to a sore muscle. This will soothe any aches–but always remember to microwave with water, or your sock might catch fire.

Make a pet toy

If you have a dog, throw their favorite toy in a sock. They’ll have so much fun trying to get the toy free! For cat owners, fill the sock with catnip to drive your furry friend crazy!