Happy Spring Cleaning!

Once you’ve gotten the courage and the time to downsize your stuff, (your closets, the garage, that junk drawer,) getting your junk that you know is someone else’s treasure into the right hands, makes the de-cluttering process so much easier and so much better.

Here is our Home Wizards list of where and how to donate just about anything to someone who can really use it! Happy Spring Cleaning, Organizing and freeing your mind and space of stuff you really don’t love or need.


www.booksforsoldiers.com  They will ship your books to American soldiers deployed around the world. Paperbacks are preferred.  www.bookcrossing.com You label your book, give it to someone or leave it somewhere like the post office, and if whoever picks it up registers the tracking number, you can follow your book’s travels. Almost seven million books are visiting 130 countries through BookCrossing.  www.bookstoprisoners.net will mail your old books to prisoners. www.paperbackswap.com You can trade books on this site. You pay postage to mail your books to members who request them, and you get books you ask for mailed to you without a charge!

Specialty or Collectible Items

Have a set of dishes missing a couple of plates? Individual pieces will sell on eBay

Building Supplies & Appliances

www.habitat.org  Donate your reusable and surplus building materials and appliances to Habitat’s “Restore” outlets.  Proceeds fund Habitat homes.
Building supplies

Cell Phones

www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com takes donated phones, sells them to a recycling company and then proceeds buy calling cards for soldiers.  www.wirelessfoundation.org has a donate a phone program that lets local groups collect used wireless phones with proceeds serving as a fundraiser for the local organizations. Also Verizon Wireless refurbishes donated phones for use by victims of domestic violence.

Computers and Electronic “e” Waste

www.earth911.com has links to local recyclers and refurbishers.

Prom Dresses

www.donatemydress.org provides prom dresses to girls who won’t have a gown for the ball. You can also sell prom dresses with no fees – buyers pay the shipping, at www.smashion.com
donate prom dresses


Goodwill, Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters – www.goodwill.org, www.salvationarmyusa.org, www.bbs.org. Old Towels, Linens and Rugs – the ASPCA, and the Humane Society – always needs rags, towels of all kinds for pet bedding and pet baths and surgeries.
clothing donated

Kid’s Clothing

www.jcfsale.com Just Between Friends is a franchise the sponsors children’s and maternity consignment sales events around the country.

Worn-Out Clothing

Even if it’s torn or stained, the Goodwill and the Salvation Army will turn it to rag pickers for recycling!


www.soles4souls.org Help children in Haiti who can’t go to school or church unless they have shoes.

What is your donation worth?

Check the value guides at Goodwill Donation Value Guide and The Salvation Army.