Hot collectibles you oughta seek out.

As technology takes over our lives, people are more casually turning to antique and vintage goods–it’s not just for antique enthusiasts whom have made a career of collecting anymore! But it’s a big world out there with heaps of antiques, so where would one begin? Here’s a roundup of some hot antiquing trends to help you get started on your own collection, while adding adding a vintage panache to your home.

1. Vintage Office Supplies

If it’s a desk tool your iPhone has replaced, chances are it’s among the antique office supply trend–basically, your Mad Men-style vintage tools for the workday. A fancy old typewriter, a swanky timepiece, and even old calculators are all examples of this bookish, office-oriented trend.

2.  Shaving Supplies

It’s not all about the office: the old barbershop tools are coming back as well. As beards become hip and men are more known to go through the trouble of “manscaping” these days, artful and vintage shaving tools are sought-out again. From mugs to razors to mirrors, a collection of antique shaving tools can be functional as well as decorative in the bathroom.

3. Dinnerware

We all know about china and silver, which will never not be collected–but how about other accessories for the dining table, like handmade napkin rings? An eclectic collection of dinnerware makes for great decorative flair for special occasions, and remains hot on the market today.

4. Beachware

Summer is right around the corner, and vintage, beachy items are in demand! Vintage swimsuits never go out of style, and throwing a suit or two on the wall in the off-season can be a fun decoration–especially in beach houses or coastal homes. If a swimsuit’s not your thing, antique beach pails and toys are on a trend as well.

5. Classic Parlor Games

Perfect for a study or living room, old parlor games are beautifully crafted and still fun to play, making them great collectors’ items. Decks of cards and vintage peg games are both classy, vintage diversions that are worth picking up when found in an antique store.

6. Vintage Nancy Drew Books

Vintage, first-edition Nancy Drew books–as old as the 1930’s–can fetch a pretty penny while also injecting some heavy nostalgia in a library or display.

7.  Souvenirs

Souvenirs can be fun to collect on vacation, but antique souvenirs have a little extra vintage charm. Souvenir glasses featuring the 50 states (with their respective monuments depicted) and vintage postcards are great collection fodder to show off where you or your family have been.

8.  Mid-Century Furniture

Few things in the world of antiques are as hot as a 50s kitchen or contemporary modern furniture and art. It my seem difficult or drastic to design an entire room of antique furnishings, but it can be fun to mix and match the past and present with a few antique, mid-century accents juxtaposed with today’s decor.

9. Vintage Aprons

Vintage, hand-sewn aprons are making a comeback as both a cute domestic fashion accessory and wall decor. You can display it proudly or wear it at your next big cookout or dinner party.

10. Retro Recipe Booklets

As a precursor to magazines, these little pamphlets were used by cookware and food companies to showcase how their products could be used to make meals. For example, your 1950s pressure cooker probably came with a little book of recipes. These are of course still useful today, but feature stunning artwork that takes us back to a simpler time–and their small size make them fun to collect for a foodie’s home.


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