Get in the Kitchen

When someone else is doing the cooking for the holidays, you want to help, but not upstage the chef.

And sure, you may be assigned to bring some food or appetizers, dessert.  You may be asked to bring wine, or champagne.  All are great.  And so are flowers – both considered the standard gift of thanks for the cook who was kind to have you over!

But how about mixing things up just a bit with some other ideas that will show how much you appreciate their hard work in the kitchen
and at the same time be remembered as someone who gives creative gifts.

1- Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar – Homemade and bottled by YOU
This is one of my faves because it’s CHOCOLATE, it’s yummy and it’s unique! You can do this easily and make some extra for you to enjoy in a salad, on fruit, or ice cream!
Recipe is here –
2- Set of Wine Charms – They have been done, but still appreciated especially as the party is going on.

3- Spirits with a unique style – Chocolate Tequila

4- Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins with the hostess’s name on them.
Great website here to customize them yourself!

5- Box of Macaroons-

6- Game for conversation – like Apples to Apples

7- Herb Growing Kit

8- Expensive Gourmet Gift Basket ( Best if you know what the hostess/host loves i.e cheeses, nuts, jams )

9- Wooden Spoons engraved with Host/Hostess name -

10- Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles –


Let me know what you brought for the holidays!