A bedroom dressed in faux fur!

This week is wrapped in faux fur! We’re going for a natural look, featuring beautiful brown tones and animal prints. Animal and nature lovers should feel right at home and, because we love animals too, all the fur you’ll find here is fake. Enjoy the forested look below!


For the Bed

We’ve got a lot of animal-inspired accents in this look, but our first featured piece is different from the others: while there’s a lot of fur going on, we’re using this monochromatic octopus duvet cover for some aquatic contrast. Sea meets land when you cover your bedside pillows with these faux fur covers–largely neutral in color, we recommend snapping them all up! They’ll look amazing when you use this faux fur blanket atop the bed.


Going Elegant

This design isn’t all about going au naturale; we’re adding some elegance as well. This gold leaf accent table serves as a fashionably simple nightstand. Meanwhile, we love the masculine charm of this leather rolling armchair, perfect for a bedroom desk or table.


Mineral Accents

Slate is a dark, cool motif we’ve opted to include in this palette. First, this slate set of drawers looks simple and attractive. Second, we’re absolutely in love with this slate block table lamp for the nightstand.


A Touch of Nature

If you’re itching for more fur, this chocolate rug features a print similar to a spotted cat. We’re moving from fauna to flora with this pewter mirror featuring a frame decked out in twigs and berries. Bring the forest into your home with a box of natural pine cones, adding a nice touch of greenery to your room.