A cool, low-key environment for resting.

In this week’s color palette, we’re looking at lighter colors, with a focus on eggshell blue and burlap beige. As far as design goes, we’re focused on simplicity, with mostly modern or Spartan furnishings with a couple vintage-styled tchotchkes and art. Check out this design of “cool simplicity” below!

burlap-curtain-panels orange-tan-throw-blanketswhite-noise-blue-area-rug



Let’s begin with the textiles, because there are a few in this look that are stunning in their simplicity. There are no ornate designs here; first, take a close look at this burlap curtain panel featuring a cute but subdued pattern–a perfect backdrop. Next, we’re all over these throw blankets: the first an attractive, neautral tan chevron and the other a vibrant orange. We think both would be at home with this palette. Finally, this area rug is white with just the slightest hint of blue.

driftwood-end-table-glass modern-wood-table-lamp


Because this look is focused on simplicity, we’re utilizing some low-key wooden fixtures for the design. For the bedside we’re choosing this nice driftwood endtable with a glass surface. We’re juxtaposing the rustic with modern by pairing the table with this modern wood table lamp.

beige-gray-duvet-setegg-blue-leafy-throw-pillow light-blue-chair


We’ve selected this beige/gray duvet set for an unassuming anchor to our soaked-in-simplicity look. Want to add a twinge of color? Try this egg blue throw pillow, brilliantly mixing beige and blue with a fun, leafy pattern. We’re bringing in even more blue with this light blue chair, perfect for reclining with a good book or magazine.



Now that we’ve added some blue, we need a contrast. This scarlet ibis canvas art is bright, and we love its delightful and vintage look. We’ve got another piece of vintage flair: this set of two Parisian figures. Their color perfectly matches the palette, and they have such a strange, antique look!