A citrus’y palette that’s loud & flashy

This week’s palette is designed to pull you out of the winter doldrums with a bright, sweet design for the bedroom. Featuring bright pink and orange, this look will dazzle the eyes–and maybe even keep you awake at night! Check out the sweet, tropical design below.



Our centerpiece is this beautifully quaint orange and white bedding set. It’s largely neutral with just a twinge of orange around the edges, but we love the fiery, solid orange throws to match. But this palette isn’t all about orange, so we’re going to do some editing to the bed by adding this amazing orange and pink throw pillow. Because we’re working with vibrant colors, there ought to be something loud and flashy–like this furry pink pouf.


Shades of Gray

Let’s tone down the palette a little with some gray. The bright furnishings found here look great against a nice, neutral tone, like this gray dresser. We have our eyes on the same shade with this gray nightstand as well.

   mini-sago-palm orange-owl-table-lamp orange-pink-floral-curtain

Natural Accents

As usual, we’re throwing in some natural accents to this look. The mini Sago palm has a fun, tropical look that jives well with the vibrancy in this palette. Of course, you can substitute its pot for something brighter. Adding a little more orange, we’re in love with this whimsical orange owl table lamp. Finally, throw some more funk into the overall design with this amazing orange and pink floral curtain