Mirror on the Wall: How to Give Your Mirror a Makeover

Mirrors are supposed to help you look beautiful. Why not return the favor and give your mirror a makeover? Have a look at five ideas about how
to take your mirrors from meh to magnificent.

Get Framed

Armed with your mirror’s dimensions, go hunting at thrift stores and yard sales for frames. If the price is right, consider buying a painting with a frame you like. It’s easy to replace the painting with your mirror.

Be Edgy

If something is missing from your mirror, it well may be some sort of border. Go to your favorite hardware and look for tiles that compliment your mirror. Use grout or epoxy to glue them down.

Ring Around the Mirror

Wooden skewers plus gold spray paint equals a mirror that will look like a sunburst. You decide how many rays or skewers you want. Consider mixing up the length. Stick them on with your favorite epoxy glue.

What is New Is Old Again

One of the fanciest hotels in Beverly Hills features mirrors that look worn out. No, it is not because all the stars who visit have worn them out by gazing at their images too long! The mirrors are either antiques or, because you never know in Hollywood, they have had some work done. You can duplicate that look at home. Strip paint on the back side of a mirror and then use muriatic acid to degrade the mirror surface. This is definitely a job that calls for a well-ventilated area and safety goggles and gloves.

Start From Scratch

If you have a piece of glass around the house that you have always believed would make a great mirror, then go ahead and make one. Krylon makes spray paint that mimics the look of a looking glass. You can find the mirror spray at your favorite big box hardware store and, of course, online.