Plenty of cleaning products in your kitchen cabinets can help you get rid of unwanted odors, and most are natural. They’re all convenient.

Your kitchen dishwasher and drain will smell fresher with the help of one of our favorite cleaners: vinegar. Lemon juice also helps freshen up garbage disposals, and pouring some apple cider vinegar down the drain can do the trick nicely. Put a small cup with some white vinegar in the dishwasher’s top rack and run a cycle to remove that musty or muggy smell.

If you cringe when you open the fridge and your box of baking soda isn’t cutting it alone, add some coffee grounds tied up in an old stocking to absorb additional odors.

Freshen up the freezer by soaking a cotton ball in vanilla extract and rubbing it around the walls inside the freezer. The next time you open it, you’ll be rewarded with the scent of vanilla ice cream.

In the laundry room, run 2 cups of bleach through a warm-water cycle to freshen up a musty-smelling washer. And throw your used laundry sheets in the bottom of the trash can in your kitchen – under the plastic bag – to deodorize the can.

What good does all of this odor-beating do if kitty litter is winning the scent wars and spreading pet odor throughout your home? Try dried mint leaves in the box. Use loose-leaf green tea leaves or break open a few bags and sprinkle them in the box. A few “airborne antioxidants” should replace your cat’s odors.