Revitalize the space for entertaining friends and family.

The holiday season is the number-one season for hosting and entertaining guests. That makes this the perfect time to consider giving your dining room a makeover. Of course, no one needs more work and stress–or expenses!–leading up to the holidays, so we’ve brainstormed a few simple and affordable ways you can breathe new life into a dining space. Check out these easy tips to make a splash at your next dinner!

Reupholster Dining Chairs

Go for something mismatched, fresh and funky patterns. Re-upholstering dining chairs is a pretty simple project–it’s mostly unscrewing the seat and stapling a new design right on. Add a touch of texture and color!

Use a new tablecloth 

A tablecloth is just a single purchase that can transform a whole room. Let this be a starting point: your table is an anchor, so your choice in tablecloth sets the scene for the rest of the room.


Use that side table, and fashion it up with different accessories as you would a coffee table. Try to think of a fun theme or something that works with the current scheme of the room. Whether it’s a holiday display, a vintage look or something else entirely, show off your taste and creativity!

Add wallpaper

Wallpaper is a super-easy way to spice up a stale room. If you don’t want to go with an entire wall, do the back of a display cabinet that you might have in the room. 

Get colorful 

A color palette makes all the difference in a room’s tone–and going with a new one doesn’t mean replacing all the furniture when you’ve got paint and fabric! 

Be eclectic

Find a cohesive thread that can be noticed through mixing and matching furniture. This makes it easy to find materials at thrift shops, on the street and online.

Put your storage on display

A side table can be utilitarian as well as decorative. We’ve already mentioned accessorizing, but you may want to put your best china on display.

Linens everywhere!

Linens easily soften up a space, so in addition to a nice table cloth, dress up the chairs in beautiful fabric to set a cute, simple tone.

Be flexible

Consider adding in a wall of shelving or cabinetry so you can mix and match its wares often. This also opens your dining room up for other uses, like a home office where work can be easily stored away before dinnertime.

Break out the heirlooms 

Don’t buy new accessories; break out some old trinkets that have been passed down through the family. The dinner table is a place for family to gather, and this keeps the memory of those whom can’t be there in the forefront. Heirlooms and portraits of family members can make for great conversation pieces as well

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