Ideas from Pasadena Showcase House

Some of Southern California’s top designers did it again, whipping up their magic at this year’s Showcase House, after a 3 plus month remodel and make-over on a 1940’s home. So many ideas you can borrow from this home yourself:
pasadena house showcase

1. Garden labels

A wine cork on a fork to show off your edibles or “cocktail garden”

2. Spanish Moss from a Gazebo

For a natural and woodsy look, consider hanging Spanish moss from a gazebo to create that back to nature and relaxed environment

3. Try Citron

It’s a bright and refreshing color and big in this year’s home palette. It’s great with grey, turquoise, light blue and even taupe.

4. Create a centerpiece

Or container garden with a large piece of bark as the focal point and glue-gun Spanish moss and air plants for extra pop mixed with succulents

5. Consider a gorgeous waving grass

To replace regular lawn. This is Tufted Hair Grass and love how it moves like water!
For more ideas go here for our photo album

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