Low-maintenance plants that won’t die on you!

All it takes is a house plant to add a touch of nature to your home. They may also purify the air for a freshening effect. Unfortunately, plants that look beautiful outdoors may not fare well inside, and busy homeowners might not be able to commit to watering schedules and environmental requirements these plants need. Fortunately, there are many plants that require little to no work to keep alive and happy indoors!

The plants on this list are low-maintenance. This means they either require little water, little light or need no special temperatures, or have some combination of these criteria. A good rule is to simply check the moistness or dryness of the soil of these plants to determine if they should be watered; aside from that, there’s nothing to worry about!

1. Aloe

Aloe is rather trusty for making homemade juice or other remedies, but it’s also a generally simple plant to keep happy and healthy. Being a succulent, aloe doesn’t require much water. Just check to ensure the soil is completely dry before watering again, and give your plant lots of sunlight!

2. Jade

Another low-maintenance succulent, jade needs little water as well. It thrives in average temperatures and bright light. Put it by a window and it should do well in most environments.

3. Peace Lily

These lilies are beautiful, and also rather easy to take care of. Lilies are great for indoors because they do well with low light, and are fine in average temperatures p to 85 degrees. Water it often enough so that its soil stays moist. 

4. Peperomia

Peperomia can grow attractive, variegated leaves that can be a nice touch to your decor. Like the peace lily, they don’t need much light to stay alive, making them excellent indoor, easy-to-grow plants. You’ll want to keep these between 60-75 degrees for best results, and let soil dry between watering.

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This little tree has a great shape, and has a certain “wow” factor indoors. And it doesn’t hog water, either; check for totally-dry soil before you water it. Like the peperomia, it’s happiest in temperatures between 65-75.

6. Hoya

Hoya makes for a fun, interesting hanging plant due to its waxy, uniquely-shaped leaves. It can also feature beautiful scented flowers that have a bit of an exotic flair. Hoya’s pretty easy to grow and works fine in medium light, but you’ll want to up the brightness factor if you want flowers to bloom. Let the soil dry moderately between watering.

7. Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is a bit of an indoor mainstay, since it requires less light than other palms. Shady or windowless rooms won’t bother it much, though you will want to keep the soil pretty moist for it to thrive.

8. Ficus

A ficus wants full sun, but other than that it’s not too picky. Ficus plants prefer several days’ worth of dry soil before watering, which makes this small tree perfect for those whom forget to water. And of course, it looks great!

9. Zeezee Plant

If a zeezee plant’s waxy, plastic-looking appearance suggests hardiness, you’d be right: these plants withstand abuse better than most, so they’re great for the noncommittal homeowner. They enjoy bright light, but are fine with low light as well, and soil should be dry before watering.

10. Cast Iron Plant

You can guess from its name that a cast iron plant is also strong against neglect, and can survive much of what you throw at it: they can live in temperatures as low as 45 degrees and don’t mind low light. Perfect for any environment, you only need to keep its soil moist to keep it satisfied. One thing to note is that this plant is a slow grower, so buy one that’s already big.


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