Show off those antiques!

It’s no secret that when it comes to selling something online, photos are important. In fact, the photo–or, ideally, photos–you put on Craigslist or eBay can have a better effect on potential buyers than the written description. The product photo is also often what gives a buyer their first impression. If you’re trying to sell a piece of furniture, check these tips on how to properly photograph what you sell first!

1. Set the stage

You might thing that a plain photo of just the piece of furniture in question is best. This is not the case! When using a photo for your furniture listing, you want to set a scene to show potential buyers how the piece can look in the home. Photograph your old end table or run in its natural habitat rather than a white backdrop.

2. Go with natural lighting

Whatever you do, do not use your camera’s flash when photographic furniture you want to sell. This often brings a bright, washed-out glare that can make it difficult to really grasp the fine details of your furniture. Instead, use natural lighting, which is more true in color and will present your furniture in a crystal-clear way.

3. Begin with a low angle

Don’t take your photos by standing tall and looking down on them; instead, get on your knees and get snapping! Getting eye-to-eye with your furniture is the most attractive angle to shoot from, But that’s not the only angle you’ll want to take…

4. Shoot from multiple angles

Shoot your furniture from all sides, and try some more adventurous angles (like photographing a corner) as well. You can decide later which selection of photos do the most justice, so snap up ones from all angles so you know you’ll be giving potential buyers a comprehensive idea of how the piece looks.

5. Go up close

Take some detail shots to really show off the furniture! Take an up-close shot of the molding, or show off a detailed look at that textile pattern. But going up close isn’t just about showing off good details–you need to be up front about signs of wear as well, so take a photo of any scratches or scuffs that are present as well.

6. Post them!

You’ve successfully taken your furniture photos–so now what? It’s time to post! Check your collection and decide on a selection that pulls off various angles, shows how the furniture looks in a room, and takes into account any details that you don’t want buyers to miss. If your listing is limited to a certain amount of photos, consider putting some together as one file in a collage with a tool like Picmonkey.