15 things you need to do this fall.

Ah, fall–the time for sweater weather and pumpkin spiced everything! Fall is an attractive season: many of us become a bit wistful in a season that’s often not too hot and not too cold. Before the bitter winter arrives, make the most of the season by ticking off each item on our fall bucket list below!

Go apple picking 

If there’s anything to look forward to in the fall, it’s apple picking! Set up a day with a friend or two to pick a whole bushel of fresh, local apples. You can make a lot with fall’s star ingredient, but we recommend trying something fun like caramel apples.

Press leaves

Don’t let good autumn leaves go to waste–press them, then do something cute! After leaves have dried between pages of a book, you can press them between panes of glass like a shadow box. You can also adhere to note cards for custom seasonal stationary, or simply frame.

Make pies

Apple pies, pumpkin pies… take advantage of the flavors of the season! After you’re done baking, share with a friend or loved one on their cheat day. 

Do some knitting

On blustery days, stay inside and take up a new hobby–knitting! It’s time consuming, but practical: now’s a great time to get started on a new scarf or sweater, which you can keep for yourself or give to a tough-to-buy-for friend in the holidays.

Go candle shopping

Cozy up with some new scents–preferably in-season ones. Pop into a local mom & pop store to find your scent of the season, and get your home smelling good!


Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, so it makes sense to check out nature. Travel somewhere close to nature and, if possible, stay somewhere quaint like a bed and breakfast.

Drink hot apple cider

It’s easy to whip up a delicious cider, which will warm you up on a nice day or night indoors. Consider this Texas hot apple cider recipe, and take it with you to the next gathering!

Get seasonal on the mantel and porch

Spice up the mantel or porch with your favorite autumnal motifs! Go wild with pumpkins, candles or corn. Get crafty and creative–a nice display doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Add squash & pumpkin to your diet 

The season isn’t all about apples. Be adventurous and try out new recipes with squash or pumpkin–or try adding them to some of your favorite dishes. Want to wow friends and family? Make a stuffed pumpkin!

Take a hay ride

This is so much fun for families! Bundle up and go on a hay ride. When you’re done, try to find your way through a corn maze!

Go hiking

Appreciate fall’s beauty on a nature hike. It’s likely that fall is quite comfortable and temperate where you live, so a good afternoon hike won’t take as hard a toll as in summer.

Upcycle a sweater

Let me guess: you unpacked your fall clothes only to find a natty sweater with too many holes to continue wearing. Now what? Upcycle it! You can cozy up some vases or even make some new mittens–the possibilities are endless!

Make a toast

It’s so easy to infuse bourbon with one of the best tastes of the season. You’ll just need apples, cinnamon and nutmeg to make delicious apple pie bourbon shots your friends will love! Find out how to here.

Go antiquing

Fall is the most sentimental and nostalgic season. Don’t try to run away from the feeling–embrace it! Rummage through a shop of old antiques for a new, vintage treasure to take home.

Get canning

Here’s another fun way to spend a day: canning! Get to preserving jams, pickles, stocks, or even apple butter. This makes for a great family activity–or even gifts for the winter.