Quick get the stain remover

Spilling wine on your favorite holiday dress does not have to be a buzz kill, especially if you are prepared.

The next time you are in your favorite wine shop, keep your eyes peeled for the latest stain removers. There are also some effective cleaners that are disguised as drinks and an exotic vegetable.

Up in The Club Soda

When you are picking up your Christmas libations, be sure to stop and get club soda. Not only will the non-alcoholic bubbly work well for your mixed drinks, it will help with any spilled drinks. Be sure to put a paper towel under the stain. Use a second one to gently daub the stain. As for what is next, wash or take your stained clothing to the dry cleaner to get a thorough cleaning.

Wine Not?

You have heard that expression, fighting fire with fire. You can also fight wine stains with more wine. The trick is to use white wine to do battle with red wine, in the same manner that you would use club soda to get rid of a stain.

Daikon Recon

White daikon looks like a carrot, but it is actually from the radish family. Eric says while working at a sushi bar he also learned that daikon is also an effective stain remover.

Lightly rub the freshly cut side of white daikon on the stain. Eric says the daikon is also effective on “pulling” soy sauce stains. Good to know if you work in a sushi bar.