The Spice of Life is what you make it!

Enter Chef Jeffrey Saad, a terrific Chef and Restaurteur whose passion for great food and dining with loved ones involves flavors from all around the world.  Whether it’s Mexico, or Spain, the Middle East, or India, Asia, or good Ole American food, Jeffrey talks about what to stock in your pantry and spice racks so you are always ready to infuse the next meal with zest, flavor and fun!  Best part is, these spices can all be store bought. Jeffrey’s tip for finding hard to find spices, check out the site:

Other great tip he shared – kick up mayonnaise to create your own “Special Sauce” by dry toasting fennel seeds, and/or smoked paprika ! YUM!

Check out Jeffrey’s new book – Global Kitchen Recipes Without Borders

Listen In:
Spice Rack Essentials – Chef Jeffrey Saad