The Home Wizards way

If you’re going to spend time here, it’s much more enjoyable in a bubble bath or steamy shower than with a rag and cleanser. In small, speedy steps, your bathroom can sparkle, and you can spend more time lazing out in the yard. Your Home Wizards are big on systems, and here’s one place to devise a simple strategy for staying on top of the cleaning.

Make a list of things you can do in two minutes or less. Wipe the toilet seat top, bottom and bowl. Spray and wipe the mirror. Sprinkle cleanser and rub out the sinks. Slide everything on the countertop to one end, spray and wipe, move it back, one more spray and wipe, set things back in their places. If you can’t do this in two minutes, you might have too much stuff on the counter. Sweep the floor once a week. Mop the floor a couple days later. Empty the trash and swipe the bin with a rag. Open one drawer or the medicine cabinet door each day of the week. If you have 4 drawers, two vanities (under), one medicine cabinet and a linen closet with four shelves, each one can be tidied up in two minutes every 11 days. Nothing will get away from you this way.

Once you’ve made a daily chart, make another table for weekly, monthly and season details. Shake and wash rugs. Wash or change the shower curtain liner. Wash windows, check screens and storms. Launder curtains. Clean fan unit. Re-line under vanities. Caulk as necessary. Lemon oil all wood. In plastic bins under the sink or in the linen closet, keep paper towels, cleansers, rags, sponges with a rough side, Clorox wipes, a spray bottle of white vinegar and water, whatever you prefer. Vinegar and water is an excellent, natural cleanser, and the initial odor goes away quickly. Eric Stromer is partial to the fresh fragrance of Pine-Sol® as well as its antibacterial properties. Change toothbrushes or clean an electric one. Toss hair combs and brushes in the dishwasher.

Shower walls and glass doors can be quickly squeegeed when you’re in the shower. OXO makes squeegees with good, ergonomically-shaped handles for a good grip. You can mount a plastic hook on a shower wall you don’t bump into and hang the squeegee there. If you keep a rag or sponge on a shower shelf, grab some powder cleanser like Comet for it, then push it around with one of your feet a few times. Be very careful of strong spray cleansers in an enclosed space like a shower or a small bathroom. They work great; just be sure to have the door wide open, along with cracking a window or turning on the fan. Do not inhale fumes.

With this system in place, you can quickly and methodically keep your bathroom clean so you can spontaneously draw that bubble bath or head outside to the hammock and relax.