Indoor projects that children and seniors will love!

When the weather outside is frightful, grow indoors! The wintertime doesn’t have to mean the end of getting your hands dirty with gardening projects. We’ve got a list of fun activities and projects that you can do indoors, each being easy and light on materials–and might get your kids interested in how produce and other foliage can grow! What’s great about some of these projects is that they give you the opportunity to observe exactly how a plant grows from seed to root system to plant. Check them out!

Make a Cacti Garden

Grow a garden of cacti for a simple, low-maintenance indoor garden! Whether you go for a single pot of cacti and succulents or a beautiful terrarium, you can easily put together a beautiful indoor garden that’ll last the winter. Look for flowered cacti!

Grow Hyacinth

Force a hyacinth bulb! This is actually a really easy project, and is perfect for indoor growing in the wintertime. You’ll need a forcing vase and a hyacinth bulb. Remember to use gloves when handling the bulb so you don’t 

First, let your bulb chill in your fridge’s crispier for about five weeks, away from produce. Once your bulb is ready, fill the forcing vase to the cup. Put your bulb in the cup with the root side down, then put your vase in bright sunlight. Remember to change water periodically! 

Produce Vegetable Sprouts

Vegetables can be grown indoors–and while they may not last long, they at least sprout fast and provide for a fun little project. Teach kids about how plants grow by sowing radish, pea or corn seeds indoors. Keep each potted and watch as the sprouts shoot up!

Start an Avocado Seed

An avocado seed can be started in just a simple glass of water. Just stick three or four toothpicks in the seed, then fill the glass with water. But the seed in the glass so the toothpicks hold its bottom half submerged and top half dry. The flat end should be in the water, as the pointed end of the seed is where the sprout will shoot.

Prune a Bonsai Potato

Have you ever kept a potato for far too long and noticed spuds shooting out? Imagine a fun project where you allow the spuds to grow and prune them like a bonsai tree! Simply plant your potato in a shallow dish so its top surface is exposed. Give it a bit of water each day, and carefully prune the shoots as they grow (note: they’ll grow slowly). You’ll have a fun, unique garden project for the winter!

Grow a Pineapple

You can use the crown of a pineapple to grow a whole new one! Place the crown in a glass of water, and change out the water every few days. A few weeks later you’ll find root growth! Finally, plant your crown in a clay pot with bottom drainage. You’ll want to use a cactus potting soil.